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TOUR OF NAPA VALLEY - Thanks for the past 44 years!

The Tour of Napa Valley was a recreational road ride that began in 1976. For over 40 years, riders from all over the Bay Area and beyond descended on Napa each year in August and rode through the Napa Valley and over the mountains into far flung regions of Napa County. During its peak years, more than 2000 riders participated. The ride had a reputation for beautiful views, fast flats and challenging climbs. It was also remembered for homemade cookies, a sumptuous BBQ and live music.
When the pandemic hit in 2020, the Eagle Cycling Club was forced to get creative to continue the tradition. The 44th Tour of Napa Valley became a virtual tour. It would be the last Tour of Napa Valley to be organized by the Eagles. A number of reasons contributed to this decision – difficulty finding a suitable venue, lack of leaders to take charge, increasing restrictions and requirements from Napa County and decreasing ridership numbers. Perhaps in the future the tour will continue under new management.
We thank you for joining us on the Tour of Napa Valley over the years. We hope you enjoyed the ride and our hospitality.

Athletic Feat/Bicycle Works Takes over Tour

A local Napa running and bicycle shop is proud to continue this long-standing tradition of bringing cyclists from all over to explore the Napa Valley.  Thank you Athletic Feat!