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Eagle Cycling Club 1st Saturday Ride, Carneros Loop, 2-B-20/30

Meet at Browns Valley Market, 3263 Browns Valley Rd, at 9am. (Occasionally the time will be adjusted depending on weather. Contact organizer for more information.)

Ride profile:

Head down Browns Valley Rd, right on Thompson Ave, right on Congress Valley Rd, left on Buhman Ave, right on Henry Rd, and follow it to end where we will re-group. Head back on Henry Rd and continue on Dealy Lane, turn right on Old Sonoma Rd, cross highway 121 at the light (riding counter to vehicle traffic), left on Duhig Rd, left on Las Amigas Rd, left again to stay on Las Amigas Rd, right on the Stanley Cross Rd, left onto the bike path, continue on Stanley Lane, cross highway 121 and turn right on Golden Gate Dr, left on Foster Rd, and follow it to the end at Old Sonoma Rd. The ride usually ends at this point and riders go separate ways.

If you are returning to Browns Valley Market, turn left on Old Sonoma Rd, right on Roosevelt St, left on Laurel St and follow it to the end at Browns Valley Rd, turn left to get back to Browns Valley Market.

For more information contact Doug Pettie at 415-747-6965,

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Aug 03 2024


(2) MODERATE (12 to 15 mph)


Browns Valley Market
Near the picnic table in front of the coffee shop
Doug Pettie


Doug Pettie


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