July 20, 2019 all-day

Start from Creekside Campground in the Old West town of Sisters at 9:00am. Follow the Oregon Scenic Bikeway route to McKenzie Pass. Ride out of town through the ponderosa pines of the east slopes of the Cascades, rise up through a steady, extended climb, and emerge into a laver-rock moonscape at the top. Pause to tour the lava-rock-constructed Dee Wright Observatory at the top. This one-way distance is 16 miles. Turn around and go back to the campground (all downhill!) for a 32 mile round-trip ride.

For those who choose to continue, spin down the west slope of the Cascades through Douglas fir forest to the soothing waters of Belnap Hot Springs on the scenic McKenzie River. They charge $8 for a dip in the hot springs and a shower. This descent is 22 miles long, making it 38 miles one way from the campground; which, of course makes it 76 miles round-trip. However, riders can decide what distance they would like to cover and simply turn around when thay reach half that distance. Another option is to have one of the short distance riders (after they have gotten back to the campground) to drive to Belnap Springs and provide sag for anyone not wanting to try the 22 mile climb back to McKenzie Pass.

For more information, contact Doug Pettie at 415-747-6965 or dap1000000@aol.com