January 29, 2023 @ 9:00 am

The starting time, place, and route of the Sunday ride will be announced on Saturday via email to all Eagle Cycling Club members. The ride varies between 30 and 60 miles and often includes significant climbing. We regroup as necessary and don’t drop anyone. The ride will roll promptly at the announced time. We often stop for lunch near the end of the ride. Popular lunch stops include the Soda Canyon Store, Vineburg Deli, and Sonoma’s Best Deli. If you have questions, or you are not an Eagle Cycling Club member (and so won’t receive the email), contact Jim Fitch by text or phone at 707-480-7849, or by email at jfitch1086@gmail.com. You can also contact Doug Pettie at 415-747-6965 or dap1000000@aol.com.