May 2, 2021 @ 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Leaving Clif Family, we will take Charter Oak and Pope St to the Silverado Trail, turn left, then right on Deer Park Rd, left on Sanitarium Rd, then left on Crystal Springs Rd to return to the Silverado Trail. Turning right, we will head north to Dunaweal Lane, turn left, then turn right onto the Dunaweal Lane/Washington St bike path to Calistoga. We will continue on Washington St, turn right on Oak St, left on Grant St/Myrtledale Rd, left on Tubbs Lane, left on Hwy 128, right on Petrified Forest Rd, right on Franz Valley School Rd, right on Franz Valley Rd, and continue to Hwy 128 in Knights Valley. Turning right, we will take Hwy 128 back over the hill, turn left on Bennett Lane, take the bike path to Tubbs Lane, turn right, then left on Myrtledale Rd/Grant St, right on Oak St, left on Washington St, go back down the bike path to Dunaweal lane, turn left, then right on the Silverado Trail, and right on Pope St for the return to Velo Vino. This ride is about 42 miles with 2,400 feet of climbing. For more information contact Doug Pettie at 415-747-6965 or dap1000000@aol.com