Ride The Levees, 2/B/15

Meet at the Fish and Game parking lot on Buchli Station Road at 9:00 am. To get there from Napa, take Hwy 121, turn left onto Duhig Rd, then turn left onto Las Amigas Rd, then turn right on Buchli Station Rd. Proceed to the END sign, where the paved road ends. Follow the gravel road and cross the railroad tracks to the parking lot. There is a restroom available, but it is pretty gross.

The bike route will follow the levee roads starting from the parking lot. The route is pancake flat. The levee roads are hard-packed, with a few sections of small pebbles and gravel. Riders may want to ride a hybrid, mountain bike, or something with wider tires than normal. However, this is not mandatory. The route has been ridden on a road bike with 25cm tires.